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  Mary Slessor on a Scottish banknote

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Two plaques for Mary Slessor


A Mary Slessor (1848-1925)

Plaque situated in Cowgate.

Mary Slessor, born in Aberdeen on 2nd December 1848, moved to Dundee when she was eleven years old, where she worked in the Baxter Brothers Jute Mill.

She decided to become a missionary and in 1876, at the age of twenty-eight, sailed for Africa where she lived among the Efik people of the Calabar region of Nigeria.

More information about Mary Slessor can be found in the Dundee Women’s Trail book and within the Dundee and the World section of the McManus Gallery.

What's here

The stainless steel plaque reads:

Born 1848, Died 1915

"Mother of all the peoples"
A missionary and magistrate
who lived in the Cowgate
and worked among the poor
of Dundee from this building,
the Wishart Church.

In 1876 she joined the Christian
mission in the Calabar region
of Southern Nigeria.
She laboured to spread
her faith and to help others.

"Love suffereth long and is kind"

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