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9 War memorial plaque

In front of the City Churches, on the grass, rests a plaque commemorating those who gave their lives during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. The main War Memorial itself stands on the top of the Law Hill.

These Wars saw men from Dundee fighting across Europe and beyond, including France, Italy, Germany, Turkey etc., North African countries, including Egypt, Middle Eastern countries including Palestine and Far Eastern countries including Burma, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Carry on in the same direction until Reform Street. Turn left and walk to the end of Reform Street. Again turn left. Stop at the gates to the cemetery.
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Dundeeā€™s Global Trail will take you on intriguing historic Voyage of Discovery highlighting the extraordinary locations which make connections between Dundee and the rest of the world.

While you explore the inner city of modern day Dundee this unusual walking Trail will make the hour you spend a time of interesting discoveries in the City of Discovery.

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