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6 Caird Hall

Looking left across City Square you will see the Caird Hall.

Sir James Key Caird (1837-1916) was a Dundee jute manufacturer and philanthropist. He was a wealthy industrialist whose fortune has had a huge impact on Dundee and includes the building of the Caird Hall and Caird Park.

He helped fund Scott’s and Shackleton’s Antarctic Expeditions in 1913/14. He visited Egypt in 1882 and made a personal donation to the Exploration Fund for Egypt.

He also gathered a small collection of North American Indian artefacts having visited the continent with his wife. Evidence of these collections with global links are on show within the Dundee and the World section of the McManus Art Gallery & Museum.

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Dundee City Square is the heart of the city and hosts several activities. There is a live webcam

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No need to move, just look to the right of the Caird Hall.
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About Dundee Global Trail

Dundee’s Global Trail will take you on intriguing historic Voyage of Discovery highlighting the extraordinary locations which make connections between Dundee and the rest of the world.

While you explore the inner city of modern day Dundee this unusual walking Trail will make the hour you spend a time of interesting discoveries in the City of Discovery.

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