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Metal plaque about Admiral Adam Duncan

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Metal plaque about Admiral Adam Duncan

5 Statue of Admiral Adam Duncan (1731–1804)

The great Scottish Admiral Adam Duncan was born in Dundee. He rose to the highest ranks in the British navy, his finest hour coming in 1797 when, thanks to his unorthodox and bold tactics, he was victorious over the Dutch Fleet at the Battle of Camperdown.

Breaking through enemy lines, he captured eleven Dutch vessels, thwarted a threatened French invasion and became an overnight hero.

Admiral Duncan links Dundee with the Netherlands and France.

The main plaque reads:
"Admiral Lord Viscount Duncan of Camperdown was born in Dundee on 1st July 1731. In a naval career spanning fifty-four years, he saw early service in the search f or Prince Charles Edward Stuart off the West Coast of Scotland and afterwards with the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean, America, West Africa and Cuba.

In his later years, he earned wide respect for his handling of the serious naval mutiny of 1797 but achieved his greatest fame through his remarkable defeat of the Dutch fleet under Admiral de Winter off Camperdown on 11th October 1797, thus thwarting a possible invasion by French and Dutch troops.

He was made a Viscount on 17th October 1979 and died on4th August 1804. In the words of Admiral Lord Nelson "The name of Duncan will never be forgot by Britain and in particular by its Navy.""

The smaller plaque reads:
"This statue was unveiled on the 11th October 1997 by the Earl of Dundee, on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the Battle of Camperdown.

It was funded by private subscription and sculpted by Janet Scrymgeour Wedderburn."

What's here

Metal plaque about Castle of Dundee On the wall to the side of the statue is a plaque which reads:
"Site of Castle of Dundee, destroyed circa 1314
Near this spot William Wallace struck the first blow for Scottish independence circa 1288
Here was the birthplace of Admiral Duncan 1731–1804, victor of [the battle of] Camperdown 1797
In house adjoining the Chevalier de St George spent the night of 6th January 1716 after public entry into Dundee"

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