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4 The Bond

Bond was the word for a warehouse.

Look along Allan Lane to the building with a red brick frontage. This was part of a complex of multi - storey warehouses situated between Seagate, Candle Lane and Trades Lane. These warehouses were unusual because of their fine facades of red brick.

Wine and salt from France and Spain, and in the early 20th Century, sugar from Jamaica in the Caribbean as well as vast quantities of whisky would all be stored here.

Can you find the plaque on the wall at this end of Candle Lane? It contains a small map of the area with a short description of how the area used to look.

What's here

The imposing red building on the opposite side of the street was also a Bond.

Where next?

Walk north to the Seagate, turn left and follow the Seagate towards the City Centre. After crossing Commercial Street you will see a statue of Admiral Duncan in front of St Paul's Cathedral.
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