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3 Candle Lane

Candles were made locally using the blubber from the whales brought into Dundee harbour from the Arctic and Antarctic.

This lane was the main thoroughfare from the harbour into the town during the 15th and 16th Centuries. In this area there are a number of clues which point to how busy Dundee harbour used to be.

What's here

On the same side of the road as Candle Lane to the left, there is the Seamen’s Home. Positioned high up under the eaves are the names of famous seamen. Can you identify any of them?

Across the road stands what was the imposing Custom House, where duties would be paid on imports and exports.

Walk into Candle Lane itself to find what was the Seamen’s Chapel on the left hand side, with the symbol of the anchor and chain above the main door.

Where next?

Walking north up the length of Candle Lane, you will find Allan Lane on your right. Stop there.
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