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2 The Shore

The Shore is so called because, if you look towards the River Tay, all the land you see is reclaimed.

During the 15th and 16th Centuries you would have been standing on the harbour side, with ships docked alongside the quay. These ships brought flax from the Baltic countries - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania as well as Russia, and timber, pitch and hemp from the Scandinavian countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

If you were a merchant, you would probably be part of the Chamber of Commerce which met on the first floor of The Shore. From the windows there you could watch, in comfort, your cargos come and go.

Today, The Shore is a young people’s venue providing a drop-in centre and training.

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Walk eastwards for 300m along Dock Street until you come to Candle Lane on your left.
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Dundee’s Global Trail will take you on intriguing historic Voyage of Discovery highlighting the extraordinary locations which make connections between Dundee and the rest of the world.

While you explore the inner city of modern day Dundee this unusual walking Trail will make the hour you spend a time of interesting discoveries in the City of Discovery.

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