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The McManus

14 McManus Gallery & Museum

Our Trail ends at the McManus Gallery & Museum. It was originally called the Albert Institute after Queen Victoria’s German husband Albert.

Inside, it houses a gallery entitled Dundee and the World, which provides an overview and evidence of the many global links Dundee has.

Included in this list are the intrepid journalists Bessie Maxwell and Marie Imandt. The two women worked as journalists for the newspaper owners DC Thomson. They were given just over a year to tour the world, sending back regular reports to the Courier newspaper about their trip.

It was a media scoop for the world of journalism at that time. The women visited 10 countries in all. We’ve shown most but can you find any others to add to the world map?

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This is the end of the trail but you might like to read about Mary Slessor:
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About Dundee Global Trail

Dundee’s Global Trail will take you on intriguing historic Voyage of Discovery highlighting the extraordinary locations which make connections between Dundee and the rest of the world.

While you explore the inner city of modern day Dundee this unusual walking Trail will make the hour you spend a time of interesting discoveries in the City of Discovery.

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