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13 Memorial to Spanish Civil War

On the left hand side and before you reach the main entrance to the McManus Gallery & Museum, lying flat on the grassy area is the memorial to the many Dundonians who went to Spain in 1936.

They joined the International Brigade in the fight against the fascist forces of General Franco.

What's here

The plaque reads:

To the memory of the Dundee members
of the International Brigade
killed in Spain fighting fascism
1936 - 1938

John Tadden
John McLanders
Malcolm Smith
Ken Stalker
Dave Samson
John Ness
John Mudie
William McGuire
James Cockburn
John McEwan
James Murray
Frank McCabe
John Alexander
John McHugh
Matt Cox

Man's dearest possession is life; and since
it is granted to live but once he must so
live as to feel no torturing regrets for
years without purpose : so live as not to
be seared by the shame of a cowardly and
trivial past : so live that dying he can
say : "All my life and all my strength were
given to the finest cause in the world -
the fight for the liberation of Mankind"

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