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  Plaque to Victoria Drummond


12 Victoria Drummond (1894–1978)

- plaque in the original doorway of Abertay University.

Victoria Drummond, training at what is now Abertay University, took 6 years to become a fully qualified engineer. In 1922, she got her first job as tenth engineer on the SS Anchises and sailed four times to Australia.

She then sailed to Africa and India on the TSS Mulbera. By day she would crawl, black and oily within the bowels of the ship, and by night she would throw on her dress and dine with the local dignitaries.

What's here

The University of Abertay Dundee is one of Dundee's two Universities. Originally Dundee Technical Institute, founded in 1888, it developed into a college, and institute and in 1994 became a University. It has several outstanding areas of activities and is known for being the first UK university to offer a degree in computer games and in ethical hacking.

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Continue Eastwards along Bell Street and take the right turn southwards into Euclid Crescent. This leads directly to the McManus Gallery & Museum in Albert Square. Walk round the building to the right where the double winding staircase meets the ground.
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