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11 Barrack Street Museum

Dundee was one of the first places in Scotland to provide its citizens with a free library.

The demand for books was so great that, in 1901, Dundee Town (at that time) Council approached Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish self-made steel tycoon and one of the wealthiest 19th Century North American businessmen and philanthropist. Carnegie donated £37,000 for the building of five Dundee branch libraries. One of these was situated at the corner of Ward Road and Barrack Street, where the Barrack Museum now stands.

He links Dundee with the United States of America.

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Turn right and walk up Constitution Road. The second turning on your right is Bell Street where Abertay University is situated. Walk along Bell Street until you reach the University on the left hand side. Stop when you reach the old entrance to the stone building (Old College).
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Dundee’s Global Trail will take you on intriguing historic Voyage of Discovery highlighting the extraordinary locations which make connections between Dundee and the rest of the world.

While you explore the inner city of modern day Dundee this unusual walking Trail will make the hour you spend a time of interesting discoveries in the City of Discovery.

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