Fair Trade in Schools

Fair trade provides a rich context for Global Citizenship learning and teaching, motivating children and teachers alike. It covers interdisciplinary themes such as social justice, children’s rights and environmental sustainability, and helps develop empathy and a belief that everyone’s actions can make a difference.

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We think it’s important that teachers and pupils understand that the Fairtrade system means much more than just an extra couple of pence for a banana or a bar of chocolate. It’s a different way of doing things. It is about turning the usual business model on its head, and starts with the needs and rights of producers in the global south. Fairtrade is the only certification system with poverty reduction at its heart.

Fair trade is included in our suite of Professional Learning sessions so that teachers feel equipped and confident to explore it with their pupils. There is also an opportunity to think about why we need fair trade in the first place, and the whole issue of trade justice.

If you are looking for additional support we can offer classroom sessions.

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Fairtrade Cotton

When you see a T-Shirt with the FAIRTRADE Mark, do the Fairtrade conditions apply to the whole garment, or just to the cotton? Fairtrade cotton is a superb cross-curricular topic! For lots of teaching ideas and activities for primary or secondary, see the Scottish Fair Trade Forum website.

90kg Rice Challenge

Fed up with Fairtrade bananas and chocolate? Why not explore the story of the rice farmers in Malawi? Selling their rice at a fair trade price to Scottish company Just Trading Scotland means they can now send their children to high school. Find out how your school can take up the challenge.

Fairtrade goods

Looking for Fairtrade goodies for the tuck shop or staffroom? Traidcraft is the UK’s largest fair trade organisation and will deliver goods directly to your school. They also have lots of wonderful teaching ideas!

Become a Fairtrade School

Your school can have its work on fair trade recognised and rewarded! The new Fairtrade School Award scheme run by the Fairtrade Foundation is now in three easy stages.

Fair Trade in Nurseries

Fair Trade fits into nursery activities very easily and is a good way to engage parents and the wider community. Our courses on Fair Trade, Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship will help your setting become a Fairtrade Nursery!

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