Education for Global Citizenship, a key part of Learning for Sustainability, is about understanding how our lifestyles and choices can contribute to creating a fairer, more sustainable world, both locally and globally. Our Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) and resources will show you how!

Career Long Professional Learning

Career Long Professional Learning

GlobaI Citizenship is a motivational and relevant context for teaching and learning across curricular areas at all levels. Through the Global Learning Programme Scotland (GLP-S) we are able to provide free CLPL courses to help embed Global Citizenship Education in Scottish Schools.

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Creative Learning Programme

Working with an artist, young people gain new skills and understanding of how the local issues of concern to them are linked to events happening across the world. This programme has been developed in order to introduce young people from primary and secondary schools to global citizenship and social justice concerns, in an enjoyable and accessible way.

For further information on how young people can get involved contact us.

Teach Global Ambassadors

Teach Global Ambassadors

Supports teachers in Scottish and Lithuanian Secondary Schools to embed Global Citizenship in their subjects. The project addresses the challenges faced by young people and enables them to become active global citizens.

See the impact of this project on learning for sustainability in this short video.

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Fair trade provides a rich context for Global Citizenship learning and teaching, motivating children and teachers alike. It covers interdisciplinary themes such as social justice, children’s rights and environmental sustainability, and helps develop empathy and a belief that everyone’s actions can make a difference.

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