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If it often difficult for community leaders to identify the materials which are most suitable for using with youth and adult groups. We have there put together a list of a few favourites. Some of these are listed above, others can be found in Signposts for global citizenship, while a few are simply the favourites of community workers and students.

Market Place Game

Market Place Game

A great way of helping primary school children understand how international trade works. India, Brazil and the Philippines are used as examples. Published by the Traidcraft Exchange. Hard copies are available on loan from the One World Centre.

The Trading Game

The Trading Game

Enjoyed by young people and adults alike, this game explores the unfair nature of global trading and works well as an introduction to Fairtrade. Participants are divided into a range of countries which have to produce items for sale - under very unfair rules. It is totally absorbing at the same time as introducing participants to how it feels to try to survive in a very unfair world.

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Development Compass Rose

Development Compass Rose

This is a tool that encourages us to ask a range of questions about a photograph, issue or artefact. It is a useful enquiry framework to raise questions around environmental, social, economic and political issues. It offers a simple and effective model for planning exploration of any topic, asking the key questions which truly encourage critical thinking.

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Youth of the World

Youth of the World

Lots of ideas for encouraging young people to think about their role in our ever changing the interdependent world through topics of interest to them.

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A’ Adam’s Bairns?

A’ Adam’s Bairns?

A comprehensive and exciting resource exploring equality and diversity in Scotland past and present. Covers slavery, forced movement of people (including clearances, emigration, refugees and asylum seekers), Scottish identity and diversity. Works well with adults and young people.

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