Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Offering schools in Dundee, Angus, Fife, Perth and Kinross a range of interactive and stimulating courses to help bring Global Citizenship alive.

What does Global Citizenship look like in the classroom? Our courses are rated highly by teachers for being thought provoking and useful. They help teachers to recognize what they are already doing and give them the skills and confidence to develop further ideas.

The variety of CLPL we offer is designed to meet the needs of groups of individual teachers, clusters, whole schools or local authorities. All are participatory and linked to Curriculum for Excellence, and will help meet the entitlement of pupils to Learning for Sustainability. The courses can be twilight, half-day or full day in-service sessions. Please contact us to arrange a session for your school or cluster.

After taking courses, teachers are requested to implement some aspect of Global Citizenship in the classroom, and return to reflect on the impact it has had on their own practice and on pupils’ learning. This is a valuable experience which offers a practical means of implementing GTCS Standards, and will contribute to teachers’ Professional Update.

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Exploring the key themes, skills, values & attitudes. This course will help you get your head round what is meant by Global Citizenship, and give ideas for activities and resources to enhance any area of the curriculum.

This twilight course helps build teachers’ own understanding of Human Rights and Children’s Rights and shows how teaching about them is relevant for the early years.

Fair trade is an ideal interdisciplinary global citizenship topic! This course builds teachers’ own understanding of trade justice and fair trade, and demonstrates activities for discussing the ethics of the world’s trading system in the classroom. Practical ideas for action are included. Teachers will gain the knowledge required to help their pupils acheive the Fairtrade Schools award.

Next courses:

 - Perth:     Thursday 23rd November, 4.30 – 5.45pm
                    at the North Inch Community Campus
 - Dundee: Wednesday 13th December 4.00 – 5.15pm
                    at the One World Centre
                    for a Fairtrade Christmas Café Conversations twilight

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A twilight session for early years practitioners and teachers to explore fair trade as a context for learning, and to find out about resources and support available through the One World Centre. Come along and discover how the story of Pablo the super banana can help your establishment gain a Fairtrade Award!

Do you teach about food as a topic or part of a wider project? Want to see how food links to Learning for Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals? Whether or not you have garden space for growing things in your school, this twilight will make you think about the joys and challenges of growing food here and across the world!

Global Citizenship is a key element of Curriculum for Excellence and Learning for Sustainability, but what does it look like in the Early Years? Much of the good practice already happening in nurseries is Global Citizenship, in terms of the values and behaviours we encourage. By coming to a shared understanding of what we mean by Global Citizenship, this course will affirm what you are already doing!

Global citizenship themes provide stimulating contexts for reading, writing, talking and listening. We will identify texts and stories which introduce issues of fairness, empathy and diversity, and consider active learning approaches to support the development of critical thinking skills.

In this course we will explore the significance of numeracy to understanding social justice, equity and environmental sustainability, and provide some activities and resources to make maths lessons relevant and motivating!

This is a new three part course linking Global Citizenship and Outdoor Learning

This course is based around the online resource Our Forest Our Future which was developed jointly by our colleagues at Scotdec working with the Forestry Commission.
The resource helps primary teachers and pupils explore the interdependence of people and forests locally and globally, and the vital role of forests in sustaining our environment in the past, present and future.
This participatory course shows how the three key elements of Learning for Sustainability - Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development and Outdoor Learning - are connected.

Why teach about refugees?

As more images appear of people fleeing their home countries, how do we support children and young people to develop an informed view of what is going on and why?

This course will explore some of the facts behind the current refugee situation and challenge many of the myths and negative stereotypes often portrayed in the media.  We offer practical activities and strategies for investigating the issue in the safe space of the classroom, and ideas for a wealth of supporting resources.

This course helps build teachers’ own understanding of Human Rights and Children’s Rights and shows how teaching about them is relevant across the curriculum and throughout the ethos of the school, linking to Eco-Schools and Fair Trade. Photographs and real-life stories show how rights are met or not met, locally and globally.

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