Inter–professional Refugee Trauma Framework Planning Workshop

Jane Barron welcomed everybody to the workshop on Tuesday June 14, and began by giving a brief summary of the UK government’s position on refugees.
Across the world according to UNHCR there are 19.5 million refugees. The UK have agreed to take 20,000 by the year 2020 although that number may well increase as more unaccompanied children are welcomed into the UK.
Dr Ian Barron has designed a framework for use by agencies working with traumatised children/adults and the purpose of the workshop was to trial the ‘framework’ looking at what is good and what could be better.

 DSF1071 (2) 

Children and adults suffer complicated grief which is very similar to post traumatic stress and a feeling of not feeling ‘real’. Research done in Germany shows that a welcoming culture is a protective factor.  However, it is important to be culturally aware and to prioritise mental health as well as basic and physical needs as people are helped to calm their bodies down and reconnect to their culture. Ian explained that if people can be helped to understand why they feel as they do they can come to terms with their feelings.

Ian closed the workshop by thanking everyone for their contributions and told us that he would first collate the information from the workshop, and then arrange a further meeting to determine the next steps.


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