Home Learning Picks for GC

We've selected some of the best activities and resources that will help bring Home Learning to life, for teachers, pupils and families alike.

WOSDEC's Home Learning Grids and Methodology videos

Our fellow Development Education Centre WOSDEC, based in Glasgow, have put together a selection of Home Learning Grids for all Levels. These have simple, effective ideas for incorporating Global Citizenship into young people's learning. What is Global Citizenship? It's a way of recognising how we're connected to people across the world and encouraging young people to think critically about what's going on around them. It's also an entitlement for all learners in Scotland and is a key element of Learning for Sustainability.

WOSDEC also have a selection of videos that show some of the methodologies we use to help teachers bring global issues into their classroom. From Issue Trees to Diamond Nines, they're all designed to encourage learners to develop key skills and competencies that will help them as Global Citizens in the world.

Download the Grids and WATCH the videos here.

Oxfam's Home Learning Activities

Designed for learners aged 7-14, Oxfams' selection of Home Learning Activities include looking at essentials like food and water, plus what action we can take from home on climate change.

If you're new to Global Citizenship, you'll also find guides for educators (including parents!) which help to explain why it's such an essential part of education.

Find the Home Learning Activities here.

And the Global Citizenship Guides here.

Dundee Science Centre

With updates and new topics added regularly, Dundee Science Centre's Home Learning Programme is a fantastic place to find ideas for Home Learning around STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Maths). From Frozen Bubbles to Beavers, you'll find lots of exciting and engaging activities for your learners to try out at home.

Go to the Dundee Science Centre Home Learning Programme pages.

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